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July 1, 2008
SpliceConnect is a mechanical splice with V-groove technology, designed to maintain physical contact between the fibers.

Mechanical splicer; SC fiber cleaner

SpliceConnect is a mechanical splice with V-groove technology, designed to maintain physical contact between the fibers. An assembly tool is used to ensure the fibers are mated correctly, resulting in <0.1 dB insertion loss (typical, forsinglemode). It secures both the fiberand coating, enhancing the strength of the splice and guarding against fiber twist. With 250- and 900-µm fiber capabilities, SpliceConnect is suitable forrestoration projects, premise environments, and FTTx applications.

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To clean SC fiber connections, insert the One-Click cleaner into an adapter and push until an audible click is heard. A mechanical push action advances an optical-grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fiber end-face is effectively and gently cleaned. With more than 500 cleanings in one unit, the cleaner is designed to be effective on a variety of contaminates, including dust and oils.

10-GbE patch panel

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The 10-GbE-capable Unilan CSA 24/8 Category 6A patch panel features dust covers on the front and screwable cable clamps at the back to ensure traction relief for individual cables. In combination with Category 7 Uninet data cables the CSD 2/8 data outlets (optimized to Category 6A requirements), all digital and analog speech, image, multimedia, and data signals of up to 500 MHz can be transmitted via the patch panel. Metal spikes integrated into the cable clamps provide a conductive connection when thepanel screen is closed and correctlybolted, resulting in effective shieldingfor the entire housing.

Modular cooling system

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The HP MCS G2 modular cooling system bi-directional rack is designed to add to data center computer power and existing cooling infrastructure without adding to overall heat load. The rack uses bi-directional cooling technology designed for data centers with dense computing infrastructure and limited space. TheMCS G2 can simultaneously cool two server racks or concentrate up to 35 kilowatts to cool a single rack. The system is built to reduce the cost to cool a standard rack of IT gear, as well as decrease the amount it costs to cool the maximum amount of ultra-dense blades and servers. Its 15.8 gallons-per-minute for maximum cooling results in lower operational costs.

Cable managers

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Velcro Brand Fasteners designed for low-voltage multimedia systems offer cable management solutions that safely secure cables without kinking or crimping, and helps simplify moves, adds, andchanges. Products include bulk rolls,compression straps, soft-cinch rolls, and bulk-packaged wraps, available in black, blue, orange or yellow. Wraps inbulk rolls and tie wraps in three standard lengths, (as well as in a plenum-rated maroon) are also available.

Clean-mating patch cord

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A proprietary HLC process that provides a dust- and scratch-resistant mating surface, plus signal loss well below industry standards, is featured on the E2000 fiber-optic patch cords. The HLC technology is designed to provide an extended life span and lower overall replacement cost. These patch cords have served Tier 1ILEC and Fortune 20 company installations, and are now suitable for typical network installations. According to the company, the patch cords are compatible with all existing connectors.

Dual-band WAP

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ProSafe 802.11n Dual Band WirelessAccess Point (WNDAP330) is designed for small and medium business installations looking for enhanced speed and coverage benefits of 5 GHz 802.11n wireless technology while providing the ability to support existing 802.11b/g/a devices. It is designed to provide up to 10 times the coverage and 15 times the speed of 802.11g-based networks, and incorporates 802.3af Power over Ethernet support. The WAP is especially suitable for deployment over large areas, with support for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridging with Wireless Distribution System (WDS). Security includes WPA, WPA2, rogue AP detection, and 802.1x with RADIUS support.

Fiber-optic OSP closure

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Coyote LLC (low count closure) is designed for low fiber-count installations and repairs within an FTTx, node, or curbdeployment. Capable of in-line and butt applications, the closure is 17 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 2.5 inchesdeep, with splice capacity of 24 single-fusion cables or72 ribbon cables. It features the company's versatile grommet system and internal LITE-GRIP splice platform.

Mission-critical PDU

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The Wavestar 500 KVA power distribution unit (PDU) is designed for mission-critical installations. It features a proprietary Wavestar monitoring system that locally displays both PDU critical functions and the company's Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS). The unit is designed as an intelligent power solution to serve increasing blade server rack power density. It includes a high-efficiency, low-inrush transformer, front access for simplified infrared scans, compression lugs, plug-in style breakers, hinged panels with 2-point locks, and bus connections for the trans-former and circuit breakers.

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