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The FTH-27 series is a flat tie holder for Kwik Wrap/hook-and-loop. It holds hook-and-loop cable ties up to ½” wide.

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Flat cable tie holder

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The FTH-27 series is a flat tie holder for Kwik Wrap/hook-and-loop. It holds hook-and-loop cable ties up to ½” wide. The square hole mount is designed to prevent rotation and to be mounted in standard 19” racks. The FTH-27 series is RoHS-compliant.

Fiber access tool

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MSAT (Mid-Span Access Tool), part of the Miller brand of products, is designed to allow simplified access to 2, 2.5, and 3-mm buffer tubes in a mid-span location, without fiber damage. All blades are factory-mounted in the tube slitting channels, and buffer tube size gauges on the tool's body allow for selection of the proper tube slitting channel.

High-speed OSP system

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The Quick Connect System 2810 is designed as a tool-less copper block for OSP connections in the embedded plant, enabling deployment of VDSL2 into copper twisted-pair cable. This system enables high-speed services, such as data access, video-on-demand, and video conferencing over existing copper plant. The QCS 2810 is suited for building entrance terminals (BET/PET), network interface devices (NIDs), cable terminals and drops (buried, pedestal, strand or DP mount), crossconnect cabinets, and remote terminals. Featuring Category 5e performance, the RoHS-compliant QCS 2810 system is designed to provide high-speed data transmission exceeding VDSL2 frequencies. It is available in models and frames for a variety of applications, including two field cable termination options and a pre-terminated option. Termination blocks are available for pre-terminated applications in a 50-pair increment or field-terminated applications in a 10-pair strip.

Low-light thermal printer

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EZCODE EZL500 thermal label printer features a large LCD screen and backlit display enabling use in low-light environments. A cassette sensor automatically adjusts the unit to the tape's width and media type, eliminating reprogramming with each tape switch. Oversized, wide-spaced keys help reduce typing mistakes, while rubber overmolding enables a firm grip. The printer package includes PC connection software and a built-in mini USB port, allowing for downloading of upgrades, logos, and additional symbols. It handles a variety of tapes, ranging from a quarter-inch to an inch wide.

Category 6A module

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This shielded Category 6A Module K is designed for 10-Gbit Ethernet installation into the company's outlets, 19-inch patch panels, and mini-distributors. It features ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 Category 6A permanent link compliance, and =750 mating cycles with RJ-45, RJ-11 and/or RJ-12 plugs. The PoE+ compliant module also features reusable IDC contacts.

Scan VGA camera

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The VND-970IP camera dome, featuring scan VGA resolution, is designed as an economical IP option for indoor installations requiring many cameras to provide blanket coverage, such as within retail properties and airports. The open platform VND-970IP can be remotely managed and controlled from any ViconNet video management station running software version 5.6 or later. The camera features an integral 3.3-12-mm varifocal lens. Multi-stream support allows the video to be viewed and recorded at different frame rates (maximum rate of 30 fps). The VND-970IP offers video adjustment controls, support for privacy masks, and the ability to view video as a flipped or mirrored image. Power is provided either by PoE or via a 12 VDC input.

Fiber-optic test kit

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The Noyes Pro Installer Kit features a selection of fiber-optic testing, cleaning, and inspection equipment for verifying the integrity of installed networks. It consists of an OTDR with an integrated Visual Fault Locator, Optical Power Meter, Optical Light Source and fiber connector inspection scope, as well as cleaning supplies and test accessories. An injection-molded ABS carrying case is included. Singlemode- or multimode-ready, the installer kit is suited for Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing of premises (building and campus) networks or certification and troubleshooting of FTTx PON networks. It is also designed to provide fast fault location, splice verification, and network documentation.

Video extender over Cat5e

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Designed for residential, commercial, and security applications, the Elite HD DHCT5 2x1 Cat5E to HDMI converter extends 1080i/720p up to 200 ft. and 1080p/1920 x 1200 up to 100 ft. The HDMI 1.3 and HDCP-compliant converter also compensates for cable skew.

Bend-tolerant jumpers

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Pretium low-loss OM3 jumpers with ultra-bend performance are designed to greatly reduce network outages and system degradation caused by severe bending problems. As network transmission speeds increase, available margins tighten and become more sensitive to loss associated with a number of factors, including bends. The company says attenuation loss impacts associated with inadvertent macro-bending events may be reduced by more than 50 percent when using Pretium low-loss OM3 jumpers with ultra-bend performance in place of traditional 50 µm jumpers. Enabled by ClearCurve multimode fiber, the jumpers are able to accommodate a minimum bend radius of 8 mm (1.6 mm cable) to 10 mm (2.0 mm cable) with minimal bend-induced attenuation loss.

Enhanced MDU cabling

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ezInterconnect cables with BendBright-XS fiber inside for MDU applications are now available with BendBright Elite, a customized singlemode fiber designed for component intraconnections and specialty applications. Its trench-assisted core structure and optional hardened lens contact (HLC) ScratchGuard connector technology, says the company, help take away typical barriers encountered while routing fiber cables into and through apartments, condos, high rise buildings, or multi-tenant business centers. ezInterconnect has a minimum bend radius of 7.5 mm, is designed to handle like copper in the customer premise, and can tolerate tie wraps and staples. These MDU cables feature indoor or indoor-outdoor flame ratings, are available with connectors, and come in 2.9- and 4.8-mm OD versions.

FTTx time-saver

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C-Groove cable for FTTx installations is designed for fast access to fiber without compromising the structural integrity of the cable. The company says the technology provides access to individual fibers within minutes, creating a 50 percent reduction in installation time. The C-Groove cable was developed in Japan to meet the demand for economical construction of access networks. Easy Split bend-insensitive ribbon fiber, comprised of 48 encapsulated fibers, offers a smaller diameter than conventional loose tube cable, allowing for more space in fiber ducts. Once the outer coating is removed, the C-shaped core remains intact, and fibers can be removed from the open face of the C-Groove. The 4-fiber ribbon inside the C-Groove cable can be separated into individual fibers using a de-ribbonizing tool, eliminating the need for mass fusion splicers and hot jacket strippers. Once desired fibers have been extracted, the outer coating can be re-sealed by pressing the cover back over the cable.

Cable ladders, seismic racks

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This selection of cable ladders and accessories includes standard widths of up to 24”, and now features a range of custom widths and rung spacing for installations with special requirements. Compatible with most popular cable ladder brands and accessories, the line is designed for both new and retrofit installations. Cable ladders feature heavy-duty, fully welded construction with a durable double black powder coat finish. In addition, the company offers additional equipment-mounting solutions rated for seismic and mission-critical applications. Seismic-certified rack types (bottom, page 36) now include 2-post, server, security, cable management, and slide-out (the latter proprietary). Riser bases that support racks in raised floor applications now offer increased weight load ratings.

Network, server cabinets

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Mighty Mo network and server cabinets are designed to improve airflow. The cabinets enable more efficient cooling through the use of patent pending airflow baffles that provide separation of hot and cold aisles, and redirect airflow from side-vented equipment so it matches the front-to-back airflow of servers. According to the company, this passive cooling approach “reduces power consumption, thereby reducing costs and impact to the environment, while also mitigating the risk of equipment failure.” Mighty Mo cabinets provide for a minimum of 48 Cate- gory 6A patch cords per rack unit on a single side of the equipment. They protect patch cords, cable, and equipment ports from damage by maintaining proper bend radius requirements, reducing tension on plugs and jacks, protecting network equipment ports, and supporting large cable bundles within the cabinet. The cabinets also reposition the caster rails out of the cable pathway and manage entry and exit points from within the cabinet frame. Featuring a fully-welded construction, cabinets are available in widths of 24” and 32” and depths of 32”, 42”, and 48”. Heights of 80” and 89” provide 42U and 47U of equipment room. Cable, power, and thermal management accessories are also available.

5-in-1 crimp tool

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The All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool is designed for a broad range of telecom and network, security, residential structured wiring, whole house and custom install A/V, and professional and commercial A/V applications. The tool combines a rugged design with the ability to terminate all popular plug configurations used in voice, data, and A/V installations, replacing up to five other tools. Steel framed with PVC handles and rust-resistant black oxide finish, the 12-oz. tool terminates RJ-45, RJ-11/12, and RJ-22 (handset) plugs to solid or stranded cable from most manufacturers, including: RJ-45—Category 3/5/5e/6 (8p8c), keyed and non-keyed; RJ-12—6p6c; RJ-11—6p4c/6p2c; and RJ-22 (handset)—4p4c/4p2c. Three separate crimp cavities (4, 6, and 8-position) are designed to provide precise, repeatable, and reliable terminations. A ratcheting mechanism, says the company, guarantees optimal pressure is applied so the contacts are seated to the correct depth; its vertical action assures all contacts are seated to the same depth, providing an FCC-compliant termination. Replaceable cutting blades allow for stripping of round (Category 3 to 6) and flat (silver satin) cables.

Cable protectors

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PGSB snap bushings convert raw or sharp-edged holes into smooth, insulated holes to protect cables. Snapped into the hole by hand, the PGSB is available in 42 sizes to accommodate various hole diameters, panel thicknesses, and inside diameters. In addition, PGM hole plugs are available in 34 different sizes to accommodate a variety of hole diameters and panel thicknesses. The PGM snaps into the hole with fingertip pressure and securely closes off unneeded panel holes. Also, the MPCG (multi-panel card guide) includes funnel entry for simplified board insertion and flexible wings that allow the card guide to accept PCBs from .032 to .079. The wings are designed to provide retention for holding boards firmly. Hollow mounting pins are designed for simplified snap-in, and mount into .020 to .079 panel thicknesses. The standard material provides a UL94 V0 flammability rate. Finally, PGSD adjustable bushings (pictured) convert raw or sharp-edged holes into insulated holes. They accommodate cables, wires, tubing, or any irregular-shaped items, and locate the cable in the center of the hole, providing light retention force. The PGSD is snapped into the hole with fingertip pressure. It has flexible internal wings built to absorb shock and vibration.

Category 7 modules

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VM8-8 Category 7 connection modules can be used as connections or extensions of commercially available shielded or unshielded twisted-pair cables. By using the modules, cable segments in a structured cabling system do not have to be re-installed. Depending upon module type, up to 12 incoming and 12 outgoing 8-wire cables can be permanently connected together without significant reduction in transmission characteristics or limitations on link lengths. Features include: connection with LSA Plus terminals on a common PCB; connection of 4-pair shielded or unshielded cables, from 22 to 24 AWG; secure shield contact via screw-on terminals; and EMC compatibility in accordance with EN 50081-2 and 50082-2.

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