CommScope supplies hydrogen fuel cell system to SCTE for backup data center power

June 30, 2011
Hydrogen fuel cells will provide 64 hours of backup power to the data center in SCTE’s headquarters in Exton, PA.

CommScope, a supplier of infrastructure for communications networks, announced that it will supply its hydrogen fuel cell solution to the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) as a backup power solution. The hydrogen fuel cells will provide 64 hours of backup power to the data center in SCTE’s headquarters in Exton, PA.

The SCTE selection marks the first time a leading cable industry organization has elected to deploy CommScope’s alternative-energy platform, according to a press release. The hydrogen fuel cell solution is the second alternative-energy project the SCTE has invested in since 48 solar panels were installed on the headquarters’ roof in August 2010.

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“The trend is underway within the cable industry to find innovative ways to improve the reliability and environmental impact of backup power solutions,” comments Jim Hughes, senior vice president, Broadband Sales, CommScope. “The SCTE is showing the industry that cost-effective ‘green’ energy can be a reliable solution. This will be the first time that solar technology will link with CommScope’s hydrogen fuel cell solution. We are honored that this solution will be used to provide the SCTE with backup power that it will need in the case of an emergency.”

CommScope’s hydrogen fuel cell solution uses hydrogen-powered fuel cells to provide an environmentally-friendly DC backup power solution for cable network head-ends and hub equipment. Unlike diesel generators, the only by-products of hydrogen fuel cells are heat and water, notes the company. The proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cells are housed inside an environmentally secure cabinet for outdoor deployment, and offer a smaller footprint and more dense power backup than what is on the market today.

“Our Smart Energy Management Initiative is focused on the twin goals of sustainable energy management and power availability,” said Mark Dzuban, president and chief executive officer, SCTE. “By incorporating fuel cell technology into our infrastructure, CommScope is helping SCTE to take a leadership role in demonstrating how cable can power hardened business- and enterprise-class services in an environmentally-friendly manner.”

CommScope’s hydrogen fuel cell solution is currently being installed at the SCTE’s headquarters and is expected to be operational next month. The SCTE also plans to unveil its newest alternative energy investment during its annual board meeting on Monday, July 18, 2011.


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