Leviton acquires energy-use info company

Obvius Solutions provides systems that can be used for smart metering, energy data info, load management and LEED rating achievement.

Leviton Manufacturing recently acquired Obvius, a company that produces hardware solutions that collect energy information. Obvius products offer data acquisition, wireless communications, energy dashboard software and plug-and-play hardware solutions.

"The Obvius acquisition will enable Leviton to offer its customers the most complete line of lighting and energy-management solutions," Leviton said in a release announcing the acquisition. "A complementary strategic addition to Leviton's current line, Leviton now offers solutions to meet all measurement and verification based opportunities such as smart metering, energy data information, load management and LEED rating achievement."

Leviton's chief operating officer Daryoush Larizadeh said, "Obvius is another key acquisition that supports our leadership in sustainable energy technologies. As the leader in lighting energy management solutions, our continued expansion into the measurement and verification market supports our customers' efforts to validate and optimize the performance of their systems in pursuit of LEED credits and reduced energy use. This positions Leviton as a single source solution by providing an integrated approach for tracking, monitoring and verifying energy consumption and implementing cost and carbon footprint reduction."

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