Paper, online calculater from Emerson addresses recycling metrics for greater data center efficiency

Feb. 23, 2011
New reference materials from Emerson Network Power focus on critical need to address a wider range of environmental issues for greater data center efficiency.

Data center infrastructure specialist Emerson Network Power (NYSE: EMR) has released a new position paper titled The Next Step for Data Center Sustainability. This document focuses on the critical need to address a wider range of environmental issues for greater data center efficiency, including reducing data center solid waste and implementing new recyling metrics. Calculation of recycling ratios may offer key insights for data center managers for organizations working toward zero-waste targets. An online calculator also now avail able from Emerson offers a resource for learning about approaches outlined in the position paper.

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Emerson says that while metrics such as power usage effectiveness (PUE) measure the energy inputs and outputs of data centers, the position paper outlines formulas for measuring the material inputs and outputs, including everything required to run a data center, from paper and toner cartridges to IT hardware and supporting equipment.

The company contends that recycling ratios may provide a method for measuring efficiency over time as a data center evolves from startup, to an initial equipment refresh around year seven, through eventual relocation.

“With organizations such as the Sierra Club promoting zero-waste policies, companies need an easily understood metric for assessing whether materials are handled in an environmentally responsible manner -- and a tool for measuring progress,” comments Jack Pouchet, director of energy initiatives for Emerson Network Power.

Pouchet adds, “Just as our Energy Logic approach helped companies focus on reducing energy consumption, Recycling Ratios provides data center managers with ideas on taking sustainability to a new level.”

The position paper is available as a free download on Emerson Network Power’s Efficient Data Centers website, as is the online calculator.

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