Keeping your cool in the data center

Seminar video addresses the challenges and benefits of data center cooling optimization.

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A recent Youtube video provided by CITRIS [Center for Info Technology Research in the Interest of Society] and the i4Energy Center covers a talk by Dr. Cliff Federspiel, CTO and founder of Vigilent, a Bay Area company that focuses on building intelligent and automated energy management systems for data centers and large building facilities.

The seminar video addresses the challenges and benefits of data center cooling optimization, including the non-energy benefits of reduced maintenance and improved reliability. Vigilent's Federspiel points out that cooling consumes nearly half of the energy in data centers, with cooling failures accounting for one-third of the outages in data centers.

In 2004, Federspiel launched Vigilent, building on his pioneering research in dynamic cooling technology and wireless networking, to address the emerging need of treating cooling and energy consumption as a managed resource. Today, he is known a leading voice in the field of sustainable energy solutions and green technology.

Watch the video here.

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