Advantages of infrared scanning for data centers

Sept. 19, 2012
Blog post from PDU Cables emphasizes the proactive approach that can prevent downtime.

Ken Koty, who blogs for PDU Cables, spent a recent post discussing the benefits of infrared (IR) scanning for data center management. Specifically, he pointed to the ability of infrared scanning/thermal imaging to avoid network outages.

He explained, "A thorough infrared scan analysis can indicate hot spots and anomalies in electrical equipment that might compromise data center network reliability caused by high heat."

Koty then listed the following three ways IR scanning can support data center uptime.

  1. Detecting worn bearings, which may indicate above-normal heat in electrical systems
  2. Early-stage detection of irregularities in a data center's support infrastructure
  3. Non-invasively detecting problems hidden from the naked eye

Koty pointed out that many large data center facilities are investing in their own IR scanning devices, and others are contracting for such scans to be performed.

You can read this post from the Ken's Korner blog here.

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