The Green Grid imagines 'Data Center 2025'

What will the equivalent of the data center look like in 2025?

In a recent video of a panel session from The Green Grid Forum 2012 (March 6-7), a line-up of experts addresses the concept of 'Data Center 2025', in all its implications for facilities both now and in the future. As stated by the open industry consortium, which is dedicated to the advancement of energy efficient technology in data centers and in business computing, the panel's premise is as follows:

"The IT industry is undergoing a transformation the likes of which we have not seen since the introduction of distributed computing and personal computers. The evolution of cloud computing, the expanding influence of social networking, the conversion to a modernized electric grid, and the introduction of 'big data' into new disciplines are fundamentally changing the delivery models, business models, and operational models for IT services. Meanwhile, the world around us is changing at an unprecedented pace -- from global economic turmoil, to climate change, to socio-political unrest, to natural resource depletion.

How might this play out in the corporate computing ecosystem? What will the equivalent of the data center look like in 2025? This panel will share its thoughts on how jobs, technology, and [the data center] industry [overall] will change over the next 10-12 years."

Watch the video here.

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