Wright Line wins patent for heat containment

The company has been granted a patent for its Heat Containment System (HCS), an airflow management platform for data centers.

November 10, 2009 --Wright Line, a provider of airflow management solutions for data centers, announced that it had been granted a patent for its Heat Containment System (HCS). The patent, #7604535, was granted on October 20, 2009.

Wright Line says that its HCS was developed in direct response to customers' growing concerns about the need to significantly reduce operating and capital costs while conserving energy and eliminating the waste most data centers currently experience. The system captures, manages and directs the heat exhaust from IT equipment to the top rear of the rack enclosure, where it is ducted to the data center's precision air conditioning units through a ceiling plenum or hot air return.

"Chaotic cooling is a fact of life for even the most advanced data centers in operation today," comments Ed Bednarcik, Wright Line CEO. "The ability to contain the hot air exhausted by servers at the rack level, and then return it directly back to a cooling device provides a much more predictable and efficient operating environment. This predictability allows the data center managers to not only reduce the total amount of cold air provided, but enables the use of increased server inlet temperature, air side economization and other cost saving approaches with a much higher degree of confidence then ever before."

"Our new HCS patent is a great example of how Wright Line continually competes and wins through innovation," continues Bednarcik. "Bringing our considerable technical expertise and problem solving skills to focus on the data center energy issue, we have developed an accredited, unique, universally available method of reducing energy costs and optimizing data center efficiency and reliability."

The HCS system can be integrated into Wright Line's Paramount and Vantage Enclosure platforms, as well as most third-party server enclosures, including those from APC, Rittal, Knurr and Chatsworth Products, Inc.

Learn more about Wright Line's patented HCS platform.

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