Raritan intitiates PDU 'Build-to-Order' program

Dec. 15, 2009
Raritan's new Build-to-Order program enables customers to custom-design intelligent rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) to best meet their data center needs.

Somerset, NJ --Raritan has unveiled a Build-to-Order program that enables customers to custom design intelligent rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) to best meet their data center needs.

The company's intelligent PDUs collect useful energy information in data centers -- including real-time rack-level and outlet-level power information and environmental data, such as temperature and humidity. To meet the complex and unique power requirements of data center equipment racks, the company says its Build-to-Order program enables customers to select PDU options in a number of categories -- such as plug type, input cord length, outlet type and number of outlets, voltage, current, and single-phase or three-phase Wye or Delta configurations.

"We are able to meet all of our customers' needs through Raritan's Build-to-Order process," says Jami M. Moore at JEM Computer, a Raritan partner. "We can now satisfy almost any customer requirement and configuration, including voltage, amps, plugs, receptacles, and form factor. One of our customers, for example, needed a mixture of C19, C13 and 5-15R outlets in their PDU configuration in order to power their blade servers, 1U servers and other IT equipment within their rack mount enclosures."

"The Build-to-Order program is a game changer," adds David Wood, Director of Operations & Quality - Raritan Power Business. "Last year, Raritan's Power Business was offering 20 PDU SKUs that were fulfilled by inventory stocked in our warehouses. Today, we are offering an additional 130 tested and UL/CE certified parts via Build-to-Order fulfillment."

According to Wood, the Build-to-Order capability has helped streamline Raritan's supply chain and manufacturing processes -- benefiting customers, reseller partners and the company. "Our Build-to-Order process requires our engineering teams to simplify designs and increase configurability by developing reusable building blocks in product design. As a result, manufacturing intervals have been reduced and factory responsiveness has increased, enabling us to get custom products to our customers quickly."

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