Telehouse America launches custom green data center services platform

Telehouse America has partnered with Future Tech Enterprises Inc. to offer the Data Center Anywhere service, which is guaranteed to be "fully rated, self contained, air and water tight, energy efficient, reusable and 'green'."

NEW YORK, NY -- Telehouse America, a provider of dedicated data centers, international Internet exchanges and managed IT services, announced the launch of its Data Center Anywhere service, which it says offers customers the opportunity to build complete customized data centers, utilizing a modular structure designed to protect important IT assets from many various human and/or environmental threats.

In offering the platform, Telehouse America has partnered with Future Tech Enterprises Inc., a full service IT solution provider, utilizing that company's iFortress service. Future Tech represents over 700 different manufacturer product lines including IBM, Dell, Cisco, HP, Toshiba and Fujitsu. The company offers the resources for corporate technology acquisition cycles through highly skilled technicians, sales support engineers, and network consultants.

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Built to structural security standards, Telehouse says the Data Center Anywhere'service is guaranteed to be fully rated, self contained, air and water tight, energy efficient, reusable and "green." Custom built data center units comply with mot codes including building codes, roof load, wind load, bending stresses, seismic activity, fire/thermal protection, weathering resistance, energy efficiency, and more, including the offering of a lifetime usage warranty.

Manufactured with recycled and recyclable materials, Data Center Anywhere facilities have the ability to be easily dissembled for relocation or re-use. The modular structures are scalable to accommodate any data processing resources, including high power racks with blade units, and data center sizes occupying thousands of square feet.

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Data Center Anywhere is aimed at those clients who require their data center environment in or near their existing facilities and for those requiring reliable, secure and self contained data center facilities in remote or underdeveloped areas with inadequate or without existing infrastructures. Telehouse's experience in global data center construction and management, along with access to KDDI's global networking and system integration services, are why Future Tech is partnering with Telehouse to provide their newest product directly to Telehouse customers.

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