North Carolina data center first to receive Energy Star rating

NetApp's Research Triangle Park facility achieved a 99-out-of-100 score from the EPA.

NetApp's Research Triangle Park, NC data center is the first to earn the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star rating. The facility opened in 2009.

Primarily used to further research initiatives, as well as to create and improve storage efficiency and shared infrastructure technologies for delivering cloud computing and IT-on-demand, the RTP data center reportedly has reduced carbon dioxide emissions for NetApp by approximately 95,000 tons per year.

  • NetApp says it has implemented the following features in its RTP data center.
  • 74-degree average supply air temperature; this higher-than-normal supply air reduces cooling costs.
  • Using an airside economizer, which uses only outside air to cool the data center 67% of the year.
  • A pressure-controlled room includes modulating fans that are based on proprietary technology and regulate air volume to avoid oversupplying air.
  • Cold aisle containment, in which a cold room separates the cold and hot air streams to protect supply air temperatures from being affected by hot air returning from racks.
  • Overhead air distribution takes advantage of cold/hair air buoyancy and eliminates ductwork, which reduces the energy needed for fans.

NetApp received a score of 99 out of 100 from the Environmental Protection Agency.

"NetApp is thrilled to accept EPA's Energy Star in recognition of our RTP data center," said NetApp's VP of workplace resources Thom Bryant. "It's a testament to NetApp's environmental stewardship and commitment to leveraging efficient and sustainable technologies."

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