Guide covers cabling and green buildings

It explains how intelligently managing your infrastructure and beefing up bandwidth can improve IT systems' energy efficiency.

A guide for cabling professionals recently published by Siemon puts perspective on the role that structured cabling systems can play in green buildings. "We typically think of [CO2] emissions as coming from forms of transportation, heavy industry and power generation, but with recent work to address global issues we see that in fact, IT and IT-related products can have an impact in several areas," the company says in the introduction to the guide.

The guide, which is available on Siemon's Web site, discusses LEED and the role cabling can play in it, as well as technology choices and best practices that can improve energy efficiency in heavy IT-use areas such as data centers.

The guide emphasizes intelligent infrastructure management and installing better-than-baseline-bandwidth systems as means to achieve energy efficiency from IT systems.

View the guide here.

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