Minnesota's VISI expands data center by 7000 square feet

The data center services and managed hosting provider has begun a demand-driven expansion of its Saint Paul facility.

Feb 17th, 2010

VISI, a data center services and managed hosting provider based in Minnesota, has begun a demand-driven expansion of its Saint Paul data center. VISI currently occupies 11,000 net square feet of data center space at 180 East 5th Street in downtown Saint Paul. After the expansion to 18,000 net square feet, VISI will still have room for over 150 additional cabinets along with space to continue expanding the data center. The expansion will allow VISI to meet the needs of recent new customer additions.

"This expansion in our Saint Paul Data Center is well under way and will be complete in less than two months," said Mike Sowada, CEO of VISI. "We are confident that our customers, both present and future, will benefit from the growth of our Saint Paul facility. With HIPPA and other regulatory requirements becoming more strict, VISI’s Saint Paul data center is one of the few in the Upper Midwest that offers SAS 70 Type II certification."

Sowada commented that one of the major benefits of the data center is the high level of security. "We have a security guard present 365 days a year, video surveillance, and three-token authentications including a biometric hand scan."

Sowada added that VISI is also investing substantially to equip VISI’s Eden Prairie data center with additional raised floors, high-density power capacity and environmental and security controls.

To learn more about VISI, visit www.visi.com.

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