Ultra-High-Density Plug-and-Play Fiber System

June 27, 2024
Siemon’s LightStack and LightStack 8 systems combine density, port access, and cable management.

Siemon recently launched improved LightStack and LightStack 8 Ultra-High-Density Fiber Plug-and-Play system, which the company says “delivers superior density, port access, and cable management in a sleek, modern platform.” These characteristics make the LightStack and LightStack 8 ideal for modern data center or enterprise networking environments.

“With LightStack, we’re removing the compromises often associated with ultra-high-density applications,” commented Tony Walker, Siemon’s fiber product product manager. “LightStack and LightStack 8 offer the perfect balance between performance and ease-of-use, allowing users to design and deploy cutting-edge network connectivity at the highest densities with ease.”

LightStack is available in two distinct formats, both of which support singlemode and multimode. They are differentiated by color and form factor. The black LightStack enclosure and connectivity range is the Base-12 format. The gray LightStack 8 enclosure and connectivity range is the Base-8 format. “Both configurations offer ultra-low loss performance and unmatched usability so no matter which option is best suited to your needs, you can rely upon the same features and benefits,” Siemon pointed out.

The system delivers the following.

  • Support for up to 144 fibers in a 1RU enclosure
  • Easy access and management of connectivity from the front or rear
  • Multiple mounting options, with rack-mounting brackets that can be attached to any of three horizontal positions
  • High-capacity management clips designed to support the maximum capacity of cables along with simple access
  • User-friendly labeling solution featuring a drop-down label holder, which provides high visibility and easy access to labeling schemes
  • Magnetic door that is easy to open and close, eliminating potential pinch points
  • Swivel trunk tie-down points that protect cables from bend-radius violations and eliminate pinch points
  • High-contrast sliding trays that provide easy visibility for patch cord routing and connection management in dark environments
  • Easy insertion and removal of modules and adapter plates, from the enclosure’s front or rear

The LightStack system’s range of plug-and-play transition modules and pass-through adapter plates are designed to deliver performance exceeding current standards. Siemon says this characteristic comes in addition to the benefits of LightStack’s design.

“Traditionally, working in ultra-high-density environments has brought with it a range of compromises around management and user experience,” the company says. “With LightStack and LightStack 8, those are now a thing of the past. Deliver balance between performance and ease of use, these innovative solutions allow users to design and deploy cutting-edge network connectivity at the highest densities with ease, while also bringing the style and finesse users expect from Siemon solutions.”

LightStack and LightStack 8 are available through Siemon’s global distribution network.

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