Watch: TIA Experts Discuss New Changes in 942-C Data Center Standard

March 4, 2024

Recently we had the opportunity to discuss details of the forthcoming ANSI/TIA-942-C Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers with three significant contributors to the document: Cindy Montstream (Legrand), Jacques Fluet (TIA), and Jonathan Jew (J&M Consultants). In this conversation, these experts discuss several changes made to the 942-C standard from the previous “B” revision. Some of those changes include the use of fiber-connectivity styles in certain areas of the data center; minimum cabinet widths; use of single-pair copper cable; alignment with ASHRAE specifications; support for wireless access points in the data center; and more. Cindy, Jacques, and Jonathan describe not just the details of 942-C’s specifications, but also in many cases, rationale for why changes were made. The discussion also includes an explanation of annexes in a TIA standard, and notable changes to several annexes to TIA-942-C. Watch this wide-ranging conversation to get inside information on the latest TIA data center standard.

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