Crosstalk Solutions' 'Worst Server Room 2019' contest finalists

June 27, 2019
The contest's prizes include Ubiquiti wireless and IP camera systems gear of significant value.

The following video presents Crosstalk Solutions' highly entertaining Worst Server Room 2019 photo contest finalists. Crosstalk is a provider of best practice phone systems, network design and deployment consulting services, and UniFi Video camera systems. The contest's prizes, as enumerated by the video, include Ubiquiti wireless and IP camera systems gear of significant value.

Time stamps and titles of the contest's photo finalists, per the Crosstalk Solutions Youtube channel, are as follows:

01:52 - Finalist #1 - Kevin from New York - 'Ethernet Waterfall'

05:17 - Finalist #2 - Darius - 'Yellow Cable Horror'

08:33 - Finalist #3 - Germany Anonymous - 'Backside Disaster'

11:10 - Finalist #4 - Hayden - 'Filthy Environment'

14:14 - Finalist #5 - Jakub - 'Nokia Nightmare'

16:29 - Finalist #6 - Anthony from Albuquerque - 'Spaghetti City'

As stated by the company's website, "Crosstalk Solutions was founded in 2014 by Chris Sherwood, best known for the Crosstalk Solutions YouTube channel that features product reviews, VoIP, network, and wireless tutorials. We are a team of VoIP, network, and wireless specialists that are here to assist you with your technology needs. The solutions that we design come from over 20 years of best practice experience in system architecture, network engineering, and project management." 

Specifically, Crosstalk Solutions says it specializes in the following areas of expertise:

-- Crosstalk PBX Solutions – "Full turnkey PBX solutions featuring Sangoma’s FreePBX and PBXact software. All systems include best practice design, setup, testing, documentation, and come with 30 days of post-deployment support and number porting assistance for a worry-free phone system migration."

-- Crosstalk NVR Surveillance Servers – "UniFi-Video based NVR servers built for redundancy and performance for large camera count installations. Built, tested, and shipped by our experts."

-- WISP Consulting – "Best practice top to bottom WISP consulting including billing and software platform recommendations, WISP design and equipment selection, configuration, and remote or onsite installation services."

-- Network and WiFi solutions – "Best practice design and equipment selection for your network or wireless project. Crosstalk Solutions’ expertise in these areas means you can rest assured that your project will be completed the right way, the first time."

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