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Staring into a "cloud" of abject #cablefail all day, ICT techs start seeing a lot of strange things. Like faces. Smiley ones. Mocking you...

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Welcome to our periodic round-up of the most infuriating structured cabling site work photos, as glimpsed on social media at Reddit's photo sub-community for 'Cablefail'.

Staring into "clouds" of abject #cablefail all day, ICT techs start seeing a lot of strange things. Like...faces. Little smiley ones. Mocking you...  


"Well, at least they used some velcro...This was an MDF at a university with a regular sheetrock ceiling. There were multiple sleeves over the racks with plenty of room for more cables. Someone was just too lazy to climb up the access hatch and properly route their sh*t so they did this garbage. That monitor stand is smirking at the situation ..." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: notbuttkrabs  


"RJ45 female fail. This is what happens when RJ11 male sits few years in female 45. Pins 1 and 8 failed effectively losing TX and PoE. Today I lost couple of hours troubleshooting the network trying to upgrade POTS telephony into SIP for some local business. Found several of these today so I hope this will save you some time and energy. Hours were lost thanks to faulty AND unlabeled sockets scattered across three levels. Killer combination." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  DjordjeRd 


"Check for a bad fuse, if not probably a loose cable, shouldn't take more than 15 min. - Service ticket. I don't remember what the issue was but I think I eventually convinced them to just pay to let us clean up the head end. Gas stations were always so much fun." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: NewEnglandAlways  


"Cable trays? We don’t need no cable trays. Charlotte airport." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]:  jwillis44 

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