Say what you mean: Cabling photos

Our periodic round-up of the bluntest failures in ICT structured cabling site work.

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Welcome to our periodic round-up of the bluntest failures in ICT cabling site work, as seen on social media at Reddit's photo sub-communities for 'Cablefail' and 'Cablegore.'

In all professional fields, but doubly for ICT, there's an indelible value in your communications being clear, concise, direct, and to the point. When and where that proposition goes awry -- you may find chaos.


"Fun times. Another location we inherited. Guess who had to work the long weekend to fix this sh_t. " -- Reddit/Cablegore OP [orig. poster]: Isty98


"Let the IT guy use your AV rack, they say. He’s pretty good at what he does, they say? What’s that?! Introducing a tripping hazard and putting in the shortest possible 20amp power cord he could find so that anytime I move the rack it unplugs his UPS?! Ya don’t say. Commercial install: We installed a server rack so they could properly put in their email server not knowing he wouldn’t even bother to to mount his UPS and get proper rack ears for his server. It’s bad because the rack is supposed to pull out 15 ft from the closet and the clown said he didn’t even know he could get longer power cables... really. Was pointed out to the owners two months ago and obviously their guy hasn’t lifted a finger. Client isn’t paying me to wire manage their in-house guy’s work. So it won’t be my ass to get chewed even though it shades a poor light on my work." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: ScreenTalker

'WTF if a "Streaming internet cable"?' -- Reddit/Cablegore OP [orig. poster]: UnderEu

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