Carol Everett Oliver chosen BICSI’s President-Elect

Oliver will serve a two-year term as president-elect, from 2020-21, before taking over as BICSI’s president from 2022-23.

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On October 8, BICSI announced the results of its board elections, which ended September 30. Five board members were chosen to serve two-year terms on BICSI’s board of directors, from 2020-2021.

  • Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS, DCDC was chosen BICSI President-Elect. She will serve a two-year term as President-Elect, in 2020 and 2021, then will take the helm as BICSI President in 2022 and 2023. She will be the first woman to serve as BICSI President. Carol, who currently serves as BICSI’s Secretary, is principal of CEO Communications in Cape Coral, FL.
  • David M. Richards, RCDD, NTS, OSP, Tech, CT was elected treasurer. Richards is with Chatsworth Products Inc. in Arden, NC.
  • Barry Shambrook, RCDD was elected director of BICSI’s Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) region. Shambrook is with GIA BC in Hornchurch, Essex, UK.
  • Randal Reusser, CT, RCDD, Tech, was elected director of BICSI’s U.S. North Central region. He is with Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, WI.
  • William Foy, RCDD, ESS, NTS, OSP, WD was elected director of BICSI’s Northeast region. He is with S2N Technology Group in Bethesda, MD.

“On behalf of the current BICSI board of directors, I would like to extend congratulations to these newly elected individuals,” said BICSI President Jeffrey Beavers, RCDD, OSP. “Assuming a volunteer role within BICSI is demanding, but the rewards more than justify the time and effort expended. These incoming board members are showing their BICSI spirit by serving the BICSI membership and working toward advancing the information and communications technology community.”

The new board members will be inaugurated on February 11, 2020 during the BICSI Winter Conference and Exhibition, which will be held at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL. At that time, Todd Taylor, RCDD, NTS, OSP will succeed Beavers as BICSI President. Taylor has served as President-Elect since 2018. He is with Enfinity Engineering in Nashville, TN.

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