Industry salary survey open for input

Dec. 13, 2019
We’re teaming up with Fluke Networks to gather information on compensation trends in the ICT industry.

For the second consecutive year, we’re teaming up with Fluke Networks to administer a salary and compensation survey for professionals in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in the United States.

Last year, we collected salary and wage information from your peers (perhaps including you). The first-of-its-kind study revealed trends in total compensation across characteristics that included geographic regions, industry experience, working environments, technical expertise, education levels, and professional certifications.

We’ve made very few modifications to our survey, and plan to deliver year-to-year comparisons across several data points once we complete this year’s survey.

We plan to hold the survey open through the end of 2019 and into the first couple weeks of January 2020. We’re offering an incentive; participants who wish to do so can register to win a gift card. All individual data we collect in the survey will remain anonymous. We will report results only in aggregate.

You can take the survey here.

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