Product Focus: Enclosures

March 2, 2020

Wirewerks’ LGXtra compact wall mount enclosure

This robust, compact LGX-style wall mount enclosure supports one LGX-style single adapter strip, or one keystone multimedia single adapter strip. Wirewerks’ LGXtra Compact Wall Mount Enclosure also supports onboard fusion splicing via the optional Wirewerks Mini-Splice Tray. The enclosure features top and bottom cable entry points with rubber grommets to protect cables and control dust ingress. Incoming cables are held securely in place with Wirewerks’ unique CableGrip accessory that eliminates the performance impairments that may occur with the use of traditional cable ties. The LGXtra Compact Wall Mount Enclosure is predrilled and reinforced for DIN rail mounting; the enclosure also provides secure access control through an optional external padlock.


Access and power integration enclosures

The Altronix Trove access and power integration enclosures easily combine Altronix power and accessories with access controllers available from multiple manufacturers. The Trove solution streamlines access control design and deployment, increasing profits and ROI, the company explains. A wide range of scalable access and power configurations simplify board layout and wire management, while reducing installation and labor costs. Users can customize access control with indoor wall- and rack-mount enclosures, as well as outdoor options. Removable backplanes enable configuration and testing prior to on-site installation. The Trove enclosures are available in multiple sizes and have convenient knockout locations with ample room for wiring and space to accommodate batteries. The free online Trove System Design Tool simplifies design tasks. All products are made in the U.S.A.


AFL’s OptiNID Duo demarcation enclosure

AFL’s OptiNID (OPN) Duo Optical Demarcation Enclosure is designed for flexibility with the ability to house up to 4 SC simplex or LC duplex adapters and 18 single-fiber or 6 mass-fusion splices. The ultra-compact OPN Duo can also support AFL’s FASTConnect or FUSEConnect field-installable connectors. The base of the enclosure houses an insert that incorporates fiber routing, splice tray, adapter plate and cable retention features. Optional features include a clear splice/security cover for protecting provider-side connectors, or a grounding plate for grounding armored or toneable drop cables. The enclosure is available with two different base cable entry options. One entry option includes a pair of U-shaped “drop-in” style grommets, and the other includes two half-inch ports allowing for a variety of different entry accessories.


nVent’s ProLine S1

nVent Hoffman says its ProLine S1 cabinets are an economical solution for small computer rooms, schools, retail outlets, or smaller networks that require a general-purpose cabinet to house servers, switches, cables and other communication equipment. Multiple sizes, configurations, and accessories widen the product line’s application flexibility. The ProLine S1 cabinet is tested to ensure endurance and safety to meet demanding applications. The cabinet is certified to UL 2416, and has been tested under the industry-recognized standard for carrier shipping to 1000 pounds. The ProLine S1 product line has 12 standard preconfigured, ready-to-order cabinets with a full lineup of accessories including locks, casters, caster/levelers, rack angles, grounding-and-bonding kits, cable managers, joining kits, mobile base, PDU mounting kits and grid/strut mount members.

nVent Hoffman,

Snake Tray’s overhead distribution module

Snake Tray’s fully assembled ceiling mount enclosure installs in 2x 2-, 2x 4- and 2x6-foot drop ceilings. The overhead distribution module provides a total of 6 RU of standard 19-inch passive rack-mountable space and is fitted with a horizontal cable slack manager. The enclosure door has a capacity of over 50 pounds and can be customized to user specifications to accept other component structures. Key features of the overhead distribution module include welded corners, a lockable secure cover design, and a removable door-mounted assembly for 19-inch rack-mounted panels and active equipment. The enclosure bears an adjustable ONT shelf and knockout configuration to specifications. The cover opens safely with two built-in pneumatic cylinders with a built-in exhaust fan. The enclosure is constructed from 16 GA galvanized steel with a customer-specified powder coat finish in a variety of sizes. Four-point support brackets for threaded rod or hangers are built in. Additional bracket configurations are available. The product is made in the U.S.A.

Snake Tray,

Preloaded fiber-optic rack-mount enclosures

Fiber Instrument Sales now offers preloaded fiber-optic interconnects with a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround. Rack-mount enclosures are available in 1RU and 2RU swing-out versions, as well as 1RU, 2RU, 4RU and 8RU slide-out versions. 4RU and 8RU patch and splice enclosures are also available. Wall-mount options are also available, and include 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12 adapter plate choices. A choice of either SC or LC connectors and UPC or APC polish for singlemode applications, or OM3/OM4 for multimode, is available, along with other popular connector styles. Customers can choose 6-, 8-, 12- or 24-fiber adapter plates in either connector type (24-fiber plates are LC connector style only) and 12- or 24-fiber splice trays. Pigtails can be preinstalled to save time on the jobsite. Patch cables can easily be added to any order to help complete installations.

Fiber Instrument Sales,

Aesthetic recessed mounting for Cisco Catalyst 9120 Series APs

Oberon’s 1040 Series provides aesthetic recessed mounting for most vendors’ access points (APs) and antennas, with trims that are easily swapped out for new APs and antennas. The Model 1040-COAP9120 is designed specifically for Cisco Catalyst 9120 Series access points. This mounting kit for cloud, canopy, or suspended ceilings features a low-profile ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic cover. A cutout is made in the ceiling panel, the panel bridge is placed above the ceiling panel, and the AP or antenna is attached to the white trim. The AP/antenna/trim assembly is then drawn into the panel bridge with a torsion spring, as in certain recessed lighting fixtures, with only the front face exposed for optimal wireless coverage. Oberon, now a division of Chatsworth Products, offers a vast selection of indoor and outdoor enclosures and mounts for securing wireless infrastructure in virtually every venue. Oberon emphasizes that the Model 1040-COAP9120 and its other enclosure solutions are secure, convenient, and aesthetic.


PDI’s WaveStar PowerHub 2 PDU

From Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI), a supplier of power distribution and monitoring systems for data centers and other critical electrical systems, the WaveStar PowerHub 2 PDU is available in sizes ranging from 375 to 1.25 MVA. This 60x40-inch front access cabinet boasts an innovative design, offering compartmentalized controls and an isolating compartment for both controls and high-voltage components to simplify maintenance and increase safety. The PDU’s centralized brazed bus system provides up to (12) 400A or (16) 225A 100% rated subfeed distribution breakers with a centralized bus design. The units’ landing service entrance cables ease top/bottom and entry/exit configurations. Front access infrared scanning ensures maximum reliability and uptime for mission-critical facilities. For proactive management of power usage and availability, the units provide intelligent power monitoring via the WaveStar BCMS branch circuit monitoring system.

Power Distribution, Inc. (PDI),

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