MonoSystems offers prefabricated cut-to-length cable tray

May 19, 2020
The company’s ProFab offering provides labor savings, quality control, and cost predictability.

MonoSystems recently introduced ProFab, its service through which the company provides prefabricated, cut-to-length cable tray. MonoSystems emphasizes that by using ProFab, its customers can achieve 30 to 40% labor savings as well as quality control and cost predictability. ProFab significantly reduces the amount of on-site cutting and prep required to install the tray.

To order ProFab, customers send plans and specs to the [email protected] email address; the company stresses that customers must specify they’re looking for a ProFab quotation.

“MonoSystems will create a takeoff and quote of the factory-manufactured materials that match your specified plan layouts—ready to install upon reaching the jobsite,” the company explains. “Materials are palletized and labeled by area, floor, and/or building and shipped per jobsite requirements.”

ProFab prefabricated cable tray was used in a project for the Times Square Subway shuttle signaling system, MonoSystems said, pointing out that it’s one of the oldest subway runs in the U.S.

More information is available at, and the company reminds customers to specifically mention ProFab when requesting quotes.

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