Alliant Networks acquires 4G Underground Construction

Aug. 6, 2020
The acquisition of 4G Underground increases Alliant Networks' ability to participate in the massive national 5G network upgrade.

Alliant Networks, Inc., a telecommunications construction and integration company, today announced it has completed the acquisition of 4G Underground Construction, LLC, a civil engineering company specializing in underground boring, excavation and utility services.

"The combination of our complementary services and experience will provide our customers with a simpler and more cost-effective approach. By keeping it simple and adding to our current in-house capabilities, Alliant Networks will manage the overall end-to-end quality and delivery of our builds," commented John Kelly, President and CEO of Alliant Networks.

The acquisition of 4G Underground, currently based in Menifee, CA, further increases Alliant Networks' ability to participate in the massive national 5G network upgrade, allowing the company to offer additional critical services to tower owners and its key end customers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and most recently DISH Network Corporation.

"This acquisition is also expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly increase our market share," said Jeremy Noland, Vice President of Operations for Alliant Networks.

Alliant Networks will continue to support 4G Underground's existing contracts and customers, while leveraging its reputation and experience to provide "end-to-end services" to its existing customers.

"A partnership was formed with 4G Underground to help Alliant Networks broaden its ability to allow complete focus to the many aspects of the build from the initial construction start through integration and optimization completion," concluded Kyle Claveau, President, 4G Underground, LLC. "Our underground construction and engineering services will allow Alliant a greater ability to ensure competitiveness while maintaining profitability."

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