SCTE•ISBE flexes workforce development muscles

Oct. 6, 2020
The cable industry association launches its new learning management system (LMS) and revamped BPI Series in advance of SCTE•ISBE Virtual Cable-Tec Expo 2020.
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SCTE·ISBE, the cable industry's association training organization, has announced the launch of its new learning management system (LMS). Built to provide continuous training for broadband professionals at every level, the association says its new LMS places increased focus on content, provides better data reporting and a more user-friendly interface, and supports innovative training methods to train the cable telecommunications workforce of tomorrow.

The new LMS showcases SCTE·ISBE's content and innovative tools, including gamification, microlessons for learners on the go, 3D technology to simulate hands-on learning, and more.

The platform will also be home to the new four-part Broadband Premise Installer (BPI) series, which launches with its first three courses later this month. The series, which is a foundational course for all broadband technicians, features newly overhauled content to prepare professionals for the rapidly advancing cable telecommunications industry. Upon completion of the first three courses of the BPI series, learners will be prepared to earn the updated nationally-recognized SCTE·ISBE Broadband Premises Installer certification. The fourth course, which launches later this year, will prepare individuals for the Broadband Premises Technician (BPT) certification.

"We have always been focused on training and certifications for the cable industry, but this new platform makes the learner experience more engaging, more impactful and more about knowledge retention," said Robin Fenton, vice president, membership and learning operations, SCTE·ISBE. "With a more robust and modern LMS, we are able to push forward with new developments in our learning and development strategies that will prepare professionals at every level for the cable industry of today and tomorrow."

SCTE·ISBE's leadership in learning and development (L&D) and workforce training will be on full display during the virtual Cable-Tec Expo 2020, an all-digital presentation of the largest annual cable telecommunications and technology tradeshow in the Americas.

The virtual conference's dedicated L&D track with sessions on October 14 and 15 will bring together learning experts from in and outside of the cable industry to discuss pandemic response, training strategies for today's workforce, and what the future holds for L&D. Anthony LaPia from LinkedIn Learning Solutions will headline the event's L&D keynote address; the event's 2020 L&D Experience Chair is Nancy Murphy, executive director, learning workforce capability, Cox Communications.

"The work that SCTE does in learning and development and workforce training is so fundamental to the industry," commented Murphy. "It's an honor to lead the L&D experience at Expo this year and to have a front row seat to the investments SCTE is making to innovate the way we train cable professionals at every level. These programs ensure our people are ready for the rapid developments transforming our industry."

To learn more about the L&D experience at Cable Tec Expo 2020, visit

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