Chatsworth unveils interactive 3D educational game for ICT professionals

Nov. 12, 2020
The ongoing ‘Chatsworth Challenge’ launched during CPI’s recent '2020 Digital Exchange—A Vision for the Future Event,' a one-day virtual conference held last month.
Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI)
Chatsworth Challenge Dc Enterprise Network 605x320

The ongoing Chatsworth Challenge’ launched during CPI’s recent 2020 Digital Exchange—A Vision for the Future event, a one-day virtual conference held last month.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals are invited to continue to attend the virtual event on-demand and test their knowledge by playing the interactive and educational desktop and mobile-ready game, designed to educate and promote awareness of ICT industry best practices.

As promoted by CPI:

The Chatsworth Challenge combines multiple-choice based quizzes in three unique, immersive 3D technology infrastructure environments ranging from a traditional data center with power and cooling, to new application spaces where the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless and other emerging technologies are driving compute into nontraditional, edge environments.
View a video demo of the Chatsworth Challenge
What is the difference between a metered and a switched power distribution unit? What type of equipment can you install inside a bollard? What is the difference between bonding and grounding? ICT professionals and industry insiders will get the answers to these questions and many more while engaging with three crucial ICT environments that support today’s digitally connected world—from the data center to the edge.

Whether played on an internet-connected, desktop computer or via “The Chatsworth Challenge” mobile application (available on both iOS and Android as of Oct. 21) the game also includes touch-screen sensitive gestures and motions that allow game players to experience full 360-degree perspectives of the various environments and infrastructure products and solutions that populate them.

Additionally, integrated sharing features ensure industry professionals can challenge their colleagues and social media followers and friends to test their knowledge and compare scores to earn "ultimate ICT industry bragging rights," says the company. The game was developed in collaboration with Super Squad, a Madrid-based developer that specializes in Unity3D online and mobile experiences for global clients.

The 2020 Digital Exchange one-day event was held on Wednesday, Oct. 21. The seminar and 3D game are now available on-demand to all registrants. 

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