Nominations open for CI&M 50 program honoring ICT contractors

Dec. 14, 2020
The CI&M 50 will recognize contractors in the ICT industry for 3 attributes: Customer service, Integrity, and Mastery of the trade. Nominations are now open.
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Nominations are now open for a program we at Cabling Installation & Maintenance are launching to honor 50 contractors in the information and communications technology (ICT) trade. Read more about the CI&M 50 program below and nominate one or more contractors here.

Join Cabling Installation & Maintenance as we honor 50 design, installation, and maintenance contractors who exemplify the characteristics that breed success in the ICT trade. The CI&M 50 program is sponsored by STL. Selected by a panel of industry practitioners, the CI&M 50 recognizes excellence in three vital areas of professionalism:

  • Customer service
  • Integrity
  • Mastery of the skills of the trade

The cabling and ICT contracting business is competitive. It takes dedication and commitment to achieve and maintain the attributes of the CI&M 50 program at a high level. Providing excellent customer service is essential, as it is in most businesses, but it is just the beginning. In such a competitive industry, maintaining integrity with clients, partners, suppliers, and even competitors can set an organization apart. And being able to deliver a valuable finished project to the client, that will satisfy their technology needs today and into the future, requires a mastery of the trade as well as a vision for the future.

In 2021, we’ll honor 50 organizations that stand out as examples of the Customer service, Integrity, and Mastery that enhance the image and reputation of our entire industry.

But we need your help to do so. Nominate a contractor, or multiple contractors, that you believe deserves to be recognized for their customer service, integrity, and mastery. We’re accepting nominations from all members of the industry. Whether a contractor has done work for you, installed products you manufacture, served as a subcontractor for you, or worked with you in any capacity, now is your opportunity to give them the credit they deserve.

Nominating a contractor for the CI&M 50 is easy. Fill out this online form with some info about you, info about the contractor you’re nominating, and your observations on why the contractor excels in Customer service, Integrity, and Mastery of the trade.

The CI&M 50 FAQs

What is the CI&M 50 and what does it stand for?

The CI&M 50 honors 50 information and communications technology (ICT) contractors who excel in the areas of Customer service, Integrity, and Mastery of the trade. (C=Customer service, I=Integrity, M=Mastery of the trade) We at Cabling Installation & Maintenance are launching this program to give well-deserved, and in many cases long-overdue, praise to contractors who exhibit the qualities to which all can aspire.

When will the 50 be announced?

We’ll announce the inaugural CI&M 50 in Spring 2021.

How can I nominate a contractor for this recognition?

You can find our simple nomination form online here. It asks for some information about you and about the contractor you’re nominating, and gives you the opportunity to provide detail on why this contractor excels in Customer service, Integrity & Mastery of the trade.

Is there a cost to nominate?

No, there is no cost associated with a nomination.

Can I nominate more than one contractor?

YES! We know there are many contractors in the industry worthy of consideration. If you know more than one, nominate as many as you’d like.

Do you accept self nominations?

YES! Nominating your own firm for the CI&M 50 gives you the opportunity to praise the staff and executives who make your company what it is. With a self-nomination, we also ask you to provide references that will attest to your firm’s Customer Service, Integrity, and Mastery.

Is there a deadline for nominations?

There is. Nominations are evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please nominate early and often. We will take nominations through Friday, January 22.

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