BICSI issues alert about imposters taking RCDD exam

Nov. 4, 2021
According to BICSI, an organization is offering to take the exam for an RCDD candidate and charge $2000 for a passing grade.
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On November 3 BICSI issued a statement about a company allegedly offering to take the RCDD exam for a candidate, and charge the candidate $2000 for a passing grade. Ronda Thomas, BICSI’s vice president of credentialing, said in an announcement, “It has come to BICSI’s attention that a company called Certification Forest is actively offering to help RCDD exam candidates pass our certification exams by taking the exam on behalf of a candidate. This practice is expressly prohibited and unethical.”

She added that to help stop this effort at fraud, BICSI “is coordinating with social media platforms to have Certification Forest and those posting on their behalf sanctioned and removed.

“Mostly through LinkedIn messages, Certification Forest and those claiming to work for them are also offering these services for other certification exams,” Thomas continued. “BICSI is actively coordinating with other affected organizations to ensure that they, too, know of this unethical behavior.”

She asked anyone who is solicited by Certification Forest to report the solicitation directly to their local police or anti-fraud agency.

Anyone who wishes to alert BICSI to a possible scam involving the use of BICSI’s name or credentials can email [email protected].

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