Handheld printers produce variable-width labels

Dec. 10, 2021
The partnership between Epson and Panduit has produced the MP75 and MP200 mobile label printers.

The partnership between Epson and Panduit, which has produced label printers in the past, continues with the recent introduction of the MP75, MP200, and MP200-KIT handheld printers. “These industrial printers are built to meet different needs ranging from compact, entry level, economic printers to high-performing, advanced solutions,” Panduit said when announcing the new products.

“These printer solutions deliver a transformative opportunity to develop faster and more sustainable label solutions for customers in industrial and network applications,” Panduit added. “Not only do these printers contribute to an existing, robust Panduit/Epson printer solution, the cassette systems are transferable to many of the higher-end printers within the offering. New features are offered for both printer options and include varying widths, speed, and functions that provide the user with a seamless and efficient way to design and print vast label applications. The MP200 printer specifically offers an automatic cutting option as well as the capability to print through Easy-Mark Software connecting through Bluetooth.”

David Morrison, a director of business development at Panduit, commented, “The competitive printers on the market typically require pushing a spring button over and over every time you print. The MP200 is fully automated cutting, including partial cuts that you can string together.”

The MP75 is an entry-level printer that features custom label modes, a QWERTY keyboard, backlit LCD screen, and library of barcodes and custom symbols. Users can print continuous tapes up to 0.75 inches wide. It comes with a continuous label cassette and quick reference card.

The MP200 features a 1.2-inch/second print speed and a powered cutter that allows both full and half cuts. Users can print continuous tape up to 1 inch wide. The MP200 comes with a printer, continuous label cassette, and a quick reference card.

The MP200-KIT comes with a printer, continuous label cassette, hard carrying case, rechargeable battery pack, magnetic feet, USB cable, and power adapter.

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