Midspan buffer tube tool flexibly shaves up to 5mm diameter cabling types

Jan. 24, 2022
Ripley has launched its MSAT-X tool for more flexible fiber cable preparation.

As fiber cable roll-outs pick up pace, Ripley Tools has launched its Miller MSAT-X tool, which the manufacturer says it has innovatively designed to offer telecom and datacom engineers more flexibility in fiber cable preparation.

The MSAT-X, part of Ripley Tools' Miller product range, is "the first buffer tube shaver of its kind and is set to future-proof tool-kits worldwide," as contended by a company press announcement.

The company said the MSAT-X has been designed and manufactured to offer engineers unrivalled flexibility of use. The midspan tool can be used across a range of cable types up to 5mm in diameter, removing the need for multiple tools.

The company notes the tool's unique loading ramp enables all cable sizes to be loaded precisely into the same cutting blade, so there’s no need for the use of a sizing gauge.

The tool's versatile deep and shallow cutting channels are color-coded for easy identification; plus, its ergonomic shape and lightweight design makes it easy to handle.

Ripley said the MSAT-X has undergone extensive prototyping, testing and development in-house at Ripley Labs, which included engineer trials. The manufacturer guarantees durability and reliability.

Keith Badger, Managing Director UK / Director of Global Marketing at Ripley Tools, commented:

“The MSAT-X really is a breakthrough product for the fiber sector due to its user-friendly design and flexibility. With the fiber optic rollout progressing fast, it’s vital that time-pressured engineers have the best quality tools for the job – and to have one tool, which has multiple uses, is a real game-changer. Following our extensive testing at our lab, we’re confident not only of the reliability and performance of this tool, but how it performs on the job for engineers today and the engineers of tomorrow.”

The MSAT-X was designed and built at Ripley Labs in the US, and is available now from Ripley’s partners across the globe.

For more information, visit https://ripley-tools.com/fiber-optic-cable/buffer-tube-shavers/msat-x.

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