VoDaVi Technologies adds structured cabling and fiber-optic services

April 6, 2022
The Plymouth, MA-based technology solutions provider announced an expansion of its current IT offering to include structured cabling and fiber-optic services.

VoDaVi Technologies LLC, a Plymouth, Massachusetts-based provider of business and education technology solutions, recently announced an expansion of its current IT services to include structured cabling and fiber optics services for commercial, government and educational clients in New England.

VoDaVi on March 29 announced that the new services "are designed to provide VoDaVi’s current and future clients with the proper physical network infrastructure to ensure the speed and reliability required to deliver the critical end-to-end network solutions that organizations rely on to meet their technology needs."

VoDaVi further contends its fiber-optic and network cabling solutions "will ensure that organizations have the foundational technology infrastructure that will allow them to deliver a solid, scalable, and flexible technology environment."

Chris Friel, founder and chief operating officer of VoDaVi, commented:

“VoDaVi is a highly respected technology company with exceptional professional and managed IT services and capabilities. By adding network cabling and fiber-optic services to VoDaVi’s portfolio, we provide truly end-to-end system solutions to our customers, ensuring their vital technology investments are available to meet the demands of innovative organizations that leverage technology to deliver better outcomes for their stakeholders. Now clients receive the benefit of seamless technology services and support from a single provider focused on their success.”

As a single-source technology partner, VoDaVi provides collaboration, communication and technology platforms that leverage the firm's voice, data, video, and security expertise, from network design to ongoing support of its customers' technology estate.

Visit www.VoDaViTech.com.

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