Conduit-measuring pull tape

Oct. 24, 2022
The tape is marked with 1-foot increments and prelubricated to reduce friction.

Klein Tools offers Conduit Measuring Pull Tape in multiple lengths and tensile strengths. The woven, flat polyester strapping “disperses pull load and minimizes stretching when pulling,” the company said. “Tape is marked with easy-to-read, descending 1-foot increments to measure conduit runs and determine the amount of tape left to pay out.”

The tape is pre-lubricated to reduce friction. It is available in three tensile strengths: 1250 pounds (0.49 inches wide and available in 2000-foot buckets), 1800 pounds (0.6 inches wide and available in 1300-foot buckets), and 2500 pounds (0.76 inches wide and available in either 1000-foot buckets or 3000-foot reels).

Each bucket has a hole in the lid to facilitate controlled, tangle-free dispensing. The reel is rod-reinforced.

Tye Parker, associate product manager with Klein Tools, said the company “always looks to give electricians the most complete range of solutions for their wire-pulling needs. With the introduction of these new Pull Tapes, Klein has developed a variety of width, length, and strength options to meet jobsite needs, all designed to make dispensing smooth and easy.”

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