PoE extender system now provides higher power, more capacity, greater surge protection

Aug. 17, 2023
Leviton enhanced its OneReach system by adding 2- and 4-port remote PoE devices, a 2U power injector chassis, and a 1-slot power supply module.

Leviton Network Solutions recently made enhancements to its OneReach PoE Extender System that result in the system supporting higher power, more capacity, and greater surge protection. OneReach network extenders combine fiber-optic strands for data transmission up to 1 Gbit/sec with copper conductors for Power over Ethernet (PoE) in a single cable. OneReach can deliver power and data up to 10,000 feet, allowing it to support cameras, emergency phones, and wireless access points at remote locations.

The new enhancements include the following.

  • 2- and 4-port remote PoE devices supporting up to PoE Type 4, Class 8 (100 watts), for the power needs of devices such as pan-tilt-zoom security cameras and point-of-sale kiosks. These remotes meet the rigors of outdoor applications with IEC 61000 4-5 Level 4 Surge Immunity (4000 V). “This is a significant improvement over the previous built-in basic 1500 V TVSS,” Leviton said when introducing the enhancements.
  • 2U power injector chassis, which creates a space-saving footprint, with more terminal block connections and power supply module capacity.
  • 1-slot power supply module, which offers a quieter cooling fan and reduced size from the previous model.

These UL-Listed enhanced devices replace current Leviton OneReach multi-port remotes, chassis modules and power supply modules. They are available through Leviton’s distribution network.

“Reliable power and data transmission for remote security cameras and wireless access is more important than ever in places like college and corporate campuses, sports stadiums and large distribution centers,” said Teresa Hoffman, product manager for Leviton Network Solutions. “Leviton is dedicated to delivering a simple, reliable, high-performance PoE network channel extension system, and we are constantly investing in improvements to support our customers.”

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