A New Advantage: Belden’s FX ECX Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosures

Nov. 3, 2023
Belden’s latest innovation factors in a common problem many consumers face, surface space.

Belden’s solution for areas lacking space

Belden recently announced its FiberExpress (FX) Enterprise Closet X (ECX) Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure which provides a new way for installers to bring fiber connections closer to users and devices. Belden released this solution to the problem of there not being floor space available for a rack-mount system.

The FX ECX Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure makes it so fiber connections can be added in a space-efficient way, including in areas that aren’t made to support fiber optic networks or don’t have the space for a telecommunications room or rack.

Features of the FiberExpress Enterprise Closet X Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure

The enclosure’s recessed mounting holes make it so it can easily mount to the wall in any indoor environment. Fiber installation is made quick and simple by a patent-pending swing-out cassette rail assembly that gives easy access to ports.

Assemblies can be removed so technicians can take modules to a comfortable workspace. There are also option lock kits available to separate the trunk and patch sides of the FX ECX Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure that can simplify installation, operations, and maintenance.

The wall-mount fiber patch panel is made of metal, making it durable, and can hold two, four, or six ECX fiber modules, allowing installers to host up to 192 fiber connections in a small wall space. Belden’s enclosure has cable grommets and built-in rear cable attachment points that protect, secure, and manage incoming cables. The FiberExpress Enterprise Closet X Wall-Mount Fiber Enclosure is made so simply that it takes only one person to install it on uneven surfaces.

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