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Jameson’s Microduct Fisher1709cimproductfocus Photo 1

Jameson’s Microduct Fisher has a round fiberglass rod for safety and easier handling. The smooth polymer jacket will not nick or scratch fiber or duct wall and the flexible fiberglass bends as needed for efficient fishing. A low-profile pulling eye is permanently mounted on the rod to move easily in fiber microducts as small as 6 mm, where traditional fish tapes are too large.

Jameson, A Spartaco Company,

Southwire’s SIMpull fish tape tube1709cimproductfocus Southwire

The newest SIMpull Fish Tape Tube from Southwire is billled as “perfect for long runs.” With the same features and benefits as previous models of the product, the new fish tape tube is designed for runs of up to 240 feet. The new fish tape tube also includes both a glow-in-the-dark non-conductive leader, and a flexible metal leader on opposite ends, allowing for usage in both empty and filled conduit.


IDEAL improves S-Class non-conductive fish tapeContent Dam Cim Print Articles Volume 25 Issue 9 1709cimproductfocus Photo3

IDEAL Industries, Inc. recently introduced a new version of its S-Class non-conductive fiberglass fish tape, to promote increased safety if unintentionally used around energized circuits. Designed to work inside IDEAL Tuff-Grip Pro cases, the S-Class fish tape now features a new non-conductive and non-arcing eyelet tip to minimize the possibility of injury from accidental contact with electricity. In addition, the eyelet features streamlined ribs and a curved loop that reduces stress points on the fish tape while being pushed. The new S-Class fish tape comes in standard lengths of 50, 100, and 200 feet. Its nylon jacket slides over existing wires and around bends, while its reinforced core provides longer life and the versatility of omnidirectional pushing power.

IDEAL Industries,

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