Alberto Luna, season two’s Cabling Icon, wins BICSI Installer of the Year

March 11, 2015
Cabling Icon organizer Concert Technologies saluted Luna, and created a highlight video, commemorating him winning top honors at BICSI’s 2015 Cabling Skills Challenge.

Concert Technologies, organizer of the annual Cabling Icon contest, recently saluted Alberto Luna—winner of Cabling Icon’s second season—for being named BICSI’s Installer of the Year by virtue of Luna’s victory in the 2015 BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge. The Cabling Skills Challenge was held during the BICSI Winter Conference the week of February 23. “Luna competed against other BICSI-credentialed installers and technicians from around the world in the BICSI Cabling Skills Challenge for a cash prize of $5,000 and a mammoth trophy, designating Luna the grand champion and Installer of the Year,” Concert said.

Two years ago, Luna won the Cabling Icon crown and by virtue of that victory, won $5,500 cash and an expenses-paid trip to the BICSI Winter Conference. That year, 2013, was Luna’s first effort at the Cabling Skills Challenge. He is a certified BICSI Technician and a project manager with Total Network Consulting.

Dennis Mazaris, president of Concert Technologies and founder of Cabling Icon, commented, “Alberto is a fine example of what Cabling Icon and BICSI Installer of the Year is all about—determination and fortitude.”

Luna said, “The Cabling Icon and Cabling Skills Challenge has provided me even more confidence to pursue my goals in the ICT industry, and my next one is being a Registered Communications Distribution Designer [RCDD].”

Concert Technologies and BICSI have entered into a marketing agreement by which BICSI provides an educational scholarship to the Cabling Icon competing in the Cabling Skills Challenge. Concert commented that this scholarship “opens doors to that individual’s career path beyond the cash prizes offered.”

Concert Technologies produced a brief tribute video to Alberto Luna, highlighting his participation in the Cabling Skills Challenge and his ultimate victory in the competition this year. You can view the video here.

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