Cable tie eliminates need for clamps and other tools

March 3, 2015
Southwire now offers a cable tie that the company says allows users to mount, bundle and hang cables and cords more efficiently than allowed by traditional ties.

Southwire recently announced the addition of a Cable Tie to its wire-accessory product set. “This new patent-pending cable tie is simply the most versatile cable tie on the market today,” the company said. Dan Irvin, Southwire’s director of hand tools and accessories, added, “Southwire is well known for bringing innovation to the marketplace, and the Cable Tie continues this legacy. Its patent-pending design eliminates the need to carry wire clamps, hose clamps, loop clamps and countless other items needed to get the job done. This allows the end user to mount, bundle and hang cables and cords more efficiently and conveniently than they can using the mounting cables that are in the market today.”

Tom Owen, inventor and president of Universal Cable Tie, added, “We are very excited about the partnership with Southwire. Their presence in the wire and cable industry and proven track record of bringing innovative product solutions to the market is a win/win for all involved.”

The photo on this page is of a Universal Cable Tie product.

The cable ties now offered by Southwire feature “convenient pass-through slots for securing the cable tie, if needed, without splitting the tie itself, as often occurs with traditional ties,” Southwire noted. The ties are molded from 6/6 Nylon and are designed to function in temperature ranges from 32 to 185 degrees F (0 to 85 degrees C). They are available in a range of sizes and tensile strengths.

Like Southwire’s other tools and assembled products, the cable ties are available at retail outlets and electrical, electronic-wholesale and tool-supply houses.

Visit Southwire Tools and Equipment. Visit Universal Cable Tie.

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