Stud strap eases metal-clad cable installation

Nov. 24, 2015
AFC Cable Systems’ MC SnapIt stud strap includes clips for low-voltage cable; the company says it eases cable installation along metal studs.

AFC Cable Systems recently announced the MC SnapIt 4-inch stud strap, which the company describes as a “2-circuit metal cable/low-voltage strap” that “helps meet cable support requirements and eliminate unsightly sagging,” while making metal-clad cable installation onto metal studs inside a wall fast and easy.

“The sturdy UL-listed polycarbonate straps snap directly onto standard 4-inch studs with no tools,” AFC Cable Systems continued. “Using SnapIt stud straps saves time; no longer do installers have to put down their cable-installing tools to pick up screwdrivers or wire cutters to install other stud strap types like metal clamps and cable ties.”

The strap is designed to hold metal clad (MC) and armored (AC) cable in sizes from 12/2 to 10/3; it also includes clips for low-voltage cable, AFC noted.

“SnapIt withstands harsh environments and is suitable for indoor use, with maximum operating temperature rated at 176 deg. F (80 deg. C),” the company added. “This product is also available in 2-inch and 6-inch versions.”

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