Tools for cable installation jobs requiring horizontal directional drilling

Nov. 23, 2015
Ditch Witch says new backreamers help underground construction operators improve productivity during horizontal directional drilling operations for utility jobs including cable installation.

Ditch Witch recently introduced a line of heavy-duty backreamers that the company says “help underground construction operators improve productivity and tool durability on horizontal directional drilling [HDD] job sites.” Horizontal directional drilling is sometimes a necessary part of a cable installation project.

The new models include the Beavertail HD, Warthog HD (pictured), Kodiak HD and Compacted Fluted HD backreamers.

Jaime Wines, director of parts sales and marketing with Ditch Witch, commented, “Reamers are the frontline soldiers to tackle expanding requirements of extreme soil conditions … The heavy-duty design of our newest models enhances tool life and durability, providing drill operators with confidence to bore through the toughest soil conditions.”

Ditch Witch provided detail on each of its new backreamer models.

Beavertail—Provide improved fluid flow via their replaceable, hardened steel Allen head nozzles; they use a box design on the trailing side for step reaming, director connect swivels or threaded tabs to fit each contractor’s need using a minimum 3.25-inch shaft. Step reaming reduces the number of passes needed to attain an accurate hole size.

Warthog (pictured)—Requires less torque and reduces drag when backreaming, improving production and flow efficiency around the cutters and reamer body. Warthogs also featured hardened steel Allen head nozzles and use the same box design as Beavertails for flexibility to set up the configuration for specific job needs.

Kodiak—Reduces friction and the possibility of jams by enabling cuttings and fluid to flow over the product and out the bore hole.

Compact Fluted—Reduces friction and the possibility of jamming by forcing fluid out the swivel plate; its casting design provides smooth pushback.

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