Holemakers for cable installation jobs

Sept. 4, 2015
Klein Tools expanded its holemaking product line with tools that can come in handy for cable installation projects.

Klein Tools recently expanded its holemaking product line with the addition of bi-metal hole saws, double-fluted step drill bits, and wood-boring bits. The tools can be used on cable installation jobs and many other construction projects. “These new tools, along with existing products such as carbide hole cutters, ship-auger bits, knockout punches and flex drill bits, provide a complete, high-performance line of holemaking equipment for steel, wood, drywall, plastic, tile and other materials,” the company said when announcing the new products.

It added that the updated product line is made from heavy-duty steel “for fast, superior cutting, while engineered for longer-lasting performance and higher durability than previous models.” Klein said its holemakers cut holes more quickly, cleanly, and easily.

The new bi-metal hole saws are optimized for cutting steel, including stainless steel, and also can be used on drywall, ceiling tile, laminate and wood. The saw’s multiple slots provide different leverage options.

The double-fluted step drill bits make for faster drilling than single-flute bits, the company said, noting that the bits’ easy-to-read silver step rings save time drilling common holes. The bits feature fast-starting, non-walking drill tips and three-eighths-inch hex shanks.

Klein’s new wood-boring bits come in a low-torque design that the company says greatly reduces wrist fatigue associated with standard auger bits. Additionally, the operator can easily change direction when drilling holes to customize shape, the company said, and the bits’ unique head shape minimizes vibration while drilling when compared to other paddle bits.

Dave Mueller, senior product manager at Klein Tools, noted how these new holemaking tools can ease cable installation and a number of other construction jobs. He commented, “While on job sites, we noticed the difficulties tradespeople were having cutting holes quickly and consistently in steel as well as other materials. With those observations in mind, we redesigned our holemaking products to deliver a faster, more-reliable and accurate cutting performance, making the job easier and more productive.”

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