CommScope intros Redwood building intelligence application developer program

Oct. 21, 2015
New platform for software providers delivers innovative space utilization, workforce productivity and energy efficiency apps for office buildings, says the company.

CommScope announced that it is introducing its Redwood Building Intelligence Application (App) Marketplace and Eeveloper program to provide customers with enhanced office space planning, conference room/desk booking and lighting/HVAC management applications.

According to the company, the app developer program provides access to real-time, detailed building sensor data, covering occupancy, temperature, power consumption and lighting level data points across the facility. An application provider can then turn this data into visual, actionable information for customers looking to maximize their intelligent building capabilities.

The App Marketplace offers Redwood customers a collection of all the compatible building applications that are enhanced with the Redwood sensor data and supported by the Redwood platform. Access to actual, measured usage data from a vast network of Redwood sensors within a building helps answer common questions about usage. Does an organization have enough conference rooms? Do organizations have the right ratio of workers to unassigned desk spaces? Is the new design change working? How is the furniture being used? Customers can now get access to concrete data that provides answers to these questions.

The Redwood platform automatically feeds building occupancy sensor data into compatible building management systems or cloud-based tools. This enables end-users to find available desks and conference rooms in real time while providing real estate leaders with insights into space utilization and optimal space design. Integrated building systems can also provide the capability to automatically shut off energy-consuming assets, such as lights and HVAC, when not needed.

Independent application developers receive a new software developer’s kit, placement in a new online application marketplace and targeted promotion to Redwood’s customer base. The software developer’s kit also includes access to Redwood’s building intelligence platform through a development server with test data and access to a new application program interface that has enhanced sensor data elements.

“Giving app developers direct access to data from Redwood’s open and proven building intelligence platform has led to state-of-the-art workplace solutions,” said Kevin St. Cyr, senior vice president of Enterprise Solutions, CommScope. “You know your platform has value when innovation happens on top of it and results in significant real estate savings and improvements in worker productivity.”

Developers can sign up for the app developer program, find a listing of current applications and other developers at the Redwood building intelligence App Marketplace. CommScope demonstrated the Redwood technology and current app developer offerings at the CoreNet Global Summit in Los Angeles (Oct. 18-20).

What Redwood app developers are saying about the developer program:

“We’ve specialized in the workplace optimization field for nearly 10 years and I can tell you that the Redwood platform is strategic to us as it provides an extremely detailed and valuable set of data in real time. Working with CommScope improves our ability to visualize space utilization in order to maximize real estate cost savings for our clients.” –Stephen Macnee, chief executive officer of Serraview.

“Adding occupancy data from Redwood’s building intelligence platform into our cloud-based meeting room management system automatically validates attendance for scheduled meetings. The app can now release rooms if meetings end early or never happen. This creates additional conference room availability, which is always at a premium, and a significant expense for most organizations.” –Shaun Ritchie, chief executive officer of EventBoard.

“Access to Redwood sensor data has allowed us to expand into new areas such as real time dashboards for occupancy, security and temperature heat maps. These tools enable our clients to find available meeting spaces, pinpoint breaches of security, out-of-range temperatures and provide occupancy-based HVAC control.”–Ian Crockford, managing director of Data Techniques.

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