Cabling tips for HDBaseT installations

Oct. 21, 2015 video offers best practices installation advice for the latest HDBaseT systems.

In the following video, the tech site offers best practices installation advice for the latest HDBaseT signal over Category cable systems. As noted by the presentation, HDBaseT technology alows for multiple AV signals (HD video, audio, LAN, PoC [Power over Cable] and control signals, i.e. HDBaseT's 5Play elements) to be simultaneously transmitted over single dedicated Cat 5e, 6 or 7 cable, significantly reducing the number and cost of cables, as well as cable installation time and complexity.

A round-up of the tips for installing HDBaseT cabling systems, as illuminated by the video, is as follows:

-- Better quality LAN cable will enable best results and longer distance transmission: HDBaseT delivers the full 5Play elements over Cat5e, 6 or 7 Ethernet cable. If the existing LAN cable infrastructure doesn’t meet these specifications, new dedicated Cat5e, 6 or 7 cable needs to be installed.

-- Higher grade cable for higher resolutions: The higher the resolution, the higher the grade of LAN cable should be used.

-- Future-proof your cable infrastructure: If you are installing new LAN cable for your HDBaseT system – think about future proofing. Though you may only be running 3Play or HDBaseT Lite functionality or lower resolutions today; things are likely to alter as technologies and customer requirements change in future years.

-- Terminate with standard Cat 5e wiring scheme: HDBaseT uses standard LAN cable infrastructure – use the standard 568B wiring scheme.

-- Shielded or unshielded cables?: If you are installing into an area suffering from high RF interference, shielded cable must be used to ensure successful results from your HDBaseT installation.

-- Shielded connectors: Terminate your LAN cables with shielded connectors to further reduce interference.

-- Handle your cable with care: Avoid rough handling, don’t pull the cables too hard or too tight and never fix them with staples! Damage or stress on cables can easily affect signal and system performance.

-- Keep to the recommended transmission distances: Your HDBaseT equipment will feature a maximum recommended transmission distance. For full HDBaseT 5Play, the distance limit will be 100 meters. For HDBaseT Lite equipment, that maximum distance should be no longer than 60 meters.

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