Cable installation tools coming to North America

March 16, 2016
Klein Tools will offer Super Rod’s telescopic pole, magnetic wire pulling system, and fish rod cable installation tools in the U.S. and Canada.

Klein Tools is partnering with U.K.-based Super Rod to introduce a series of low-voltage cable installation tools in the U.S. and Canada. “Klein Tools is always creating and searching for the highest-quality tools available for our customers,” said Mark Klein, president of Klein Tools. “By partnering with Super Rod we are able to complement our current low-voltage wire-pulling product line with Super Rod innovations that already have a strong track record on the jobsite in the U.K. We’re confident that this line expansion will fill an existing need in our product catalog and that our customers will immediately see the value in them.”

The Super Rod series of cable installation products now available to North American customers through Klein Tools include the following.

WireSpannerPlus Telescopic 18-foot Pole—Designed to allow one person to easily retrieve cables from a distance, the pole has a large hook attachment for pulling multiple wires. It retracts to 32 inches for storage.

Magnetic Wire Pulling System—The leader-pull design allows users to pull cable behind finished walls and other enclosed spaces. It can navigate through insulation and around other obstructions.

Polymer Fish Rod Set with Glow-in-the-Dark Leader—The set includes four non-conductive rods of varying flexibility designed for working around electrically sensitive spaces. Also includes are glow-in-the-dark hook and bullet eye attachments for ease of use.

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