Cable Tray Institute releases complete library of technical articles

Aug. 25, 2016
The Cable Tray Institute (CTI) recently made available its complete library of technical articles, which have appeared in its Cablegram eNewsletter.

The Cable Tray Institute (CTI) recently made available its complete library of technical articles, which have appeared in its Cablegram eNewsletter. Titles available from the CTI technical library include the following PDFs:

1. Paralleled Phase Conductors in Cable Trays Provide Copper Savings

2. Thermal Contraction and Expansion of Cable Tray

3. Moisture Problems in Electrical Systems

4. Cable Tray Type Selection

5. Tie Down Practices for Multiconductor Cables in Cable Trays

6. Circuit Integrity of Cable Tray Wiring Systems During Natural Disasters

7. Caution in Using Cable Tray Covers Outdoors

8. Bonding Jumpers Not Required for Standard Cable Tray Splice Plates

9. Cable Tray Wiring Systems Have Many Cost Advantages

10. Cable Tray Systems in Ducts, Plenums and Other Air Handling Space

11. Equipment Grounding Conductors for Cable Tray Systems

12. Grounding Inspection of Steel & Aluminum Cable Tray Systems

13. Hot Dip Galvanized vs. Aluminum in Outdoor Application

14. Cable Tray Width Selection for Installation with 600 Volt Single Conductor Cables

15. Cable Tray Grounding: Power, Instrumentation, and Telecommunications

16. Types of Cabling Used in Cable Tray

The full list of links to each these technical bulletins can be accessed here.

CTI member companies include Thomas & Betts (ABB), Snake Tray, Chalfant Manufacturing, Cope,B-Line by Eaton,Legrand/Cablofil, MP Husky, Oglaend System US LLC, and TechLine MFG. As stated on the organization’s website. “Any company involved in the development of cable tray systems or accessories is eligible for CTI membership. Annual dues are on a sliding schedule based on sales figures as reported to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).”

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