Network infrastructure, wireless and service provider Pinacl opens office in London’s Canary Wharf

Aug. 16, 2016
Pinacl is a 30-year-old provider of network infrastructure and services with several customers procure centrally out of London.

Pinacl, a U.K.-based provider of network infrastructure, services and wireless technologies, recently opened an office in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf financial district. “This move is in conjunction with our continued investment, which enables us to respond to the growing needs of our customers and work closely with vendors. Additionally, it accelerates our desire to pursue prospects in line with our strategic growth plan.”

The new space is in the 1 Canada Square building, which Pinacl characterized as “an iconic part of the London skyline.” The company specifically pointed out 1 Canada Square’s close proximity to key customers as a prompt for opening the new space.

Liam Wynne, the company’s global account director, commented, “Our international clients often procure centrally out of London, hence with Pinacl now being part of Canary Wharf, it allows us to be more effective in responding to the needs of our customer base. It also affords us the opportunity to expand our core solutions into the city, with the new office location reinforcing our commitment to strategic growth. This is a very exciting time for Pinacl and I am very pleased to be involved in spearheading this development and growth of our services into the marketplace.”

Pinacl’s board of directors and several of the company’s clients and vendors were present for the office’s official opening on August 8.

Rob Bardwell, the company’s managing director, added, “Pinacl are in an exciting growth period post the management buyout successfully accomplished a year ago. Now focusing on growth markets by delivering ICT solutions in a way that allows our customers to enjoy new opportunities within their businesses and not be restricted by its delivery. This presence in London puts us at the heart of one of our key customer markets.”

According to its website, Pinacl offers managed services (from a full outsourcing provision to a more partnership-driven co-sourcing service), managed wireless (network that deliver secure, robust and reliable coverage), and managed network infrastructure (incorporating LAN, WAN and public and private WiFi).

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