Brady offers guide to selecting, using cable labels

Jan. 19, 2016
Titled ‘Get Real Value from the Right Labels,’ the guide from Brady includes references to TIA-606-B and other best practices for cable labels.

Brady recently made available for download a 32-page guidebook titled ‘Get Real Value from the Right Cable Labels,’ which, according to the company, “explains the value of an effective wire, cable and component marking system.” The guide also describes considerations to make when selecting cable labels.

The guidebook “explains the variety of benefits of labeling, label durability and feature considerations, and the elements of a complete labeling system,” Brady explains. “It also provides visual examples of labels for wires, cables, components and facility identification.”

The guide includes six chapters: 1) The benefits of labeling; 2) Label durability; 3) Label considerations; 4) Identification options; 5) A complete labeling system; 6) Conclusion. Chapter 1 includes the statistic, “Only 25 percent of a tech’s service time is spent fixing the problem; the rest is spent searching for it.”

Chris Gauthier, regional product manager for product identification with Brady, commented, “When it comes to installing, managing and updating hundreds to thousands of wires on a daily basis, the right labels can make a big difference. Not only do durable and professional-looking labels help to create an aesthetically flawless installation that you can be proud of, but they lead to increased efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. That’s because they provide the consistency you need to find just what you’re looking for and quickly complete the task at hand.”

You can download the free guide here.

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