Magnetic locator allows contractors to find hidden iron and steel objects

Jan. 18, 2016
Ridgid’s MR-10 ignores non-magnetic metals like aluminum and copper when contractors search for iron-containing objects like maintenance-hole covers and pipes.

The Ridgid MR-10 Magnetic Locator is “designed to make finding buried iron and steel objects faster and easier,” the company said when announcing the new tool for contractors. “The MR-10 provides more-precise readings than metal detectors, isolating only ferrous [iron-containing] objects, and ignoring non-magnetic metals such as aluminum and copper.”

Ridgid added that the MR-10 can find objects like buried property-marking pins, paved-over maintenance-hole covers, turf-covered valve boxes, cast-iron pipes, as well as hidden pipes and studs in buildings.

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“Its sleek form and ergonomic design make it easy to handle in any use: surveying, facility maintenance, construction, excavation, general plumbing and public works,” the company added. “The sensitivity level can be adjusted to identify the precise location of ferrous metal objects at depths of up to 10 feet, depending on the iron content.”

Eric Huber, Ridgid product manager, said, “The MR-10 distinguishses itself from other magnetic locators with ease of use, high sensitivity, and ergonomic design.”

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