Video demonstrates how to direct attach a modular plug to a horizontal cable

Nov. 14, 2016
Step-by-step video featuring Karl Griffith demos termination of modular plug to a Category 6 cable in a process commonly called direct attach.

A YouTube video demonstrates the step-by-step process of terminating a modular plug to the end of a Category 6 horizontal cable—a termination method commonly called direct attach. The video was recorded and posted to YouTube by Karl Griffith, who serves manufacturers, distributors, installers and consumers in the communication connectivity supply chain through his company Karl Griffith Consulting, LLC. Griffith produced the video in 2013 when he was an executive with Graybar.

In the video, Griffith begins by stripping a Category 6 plenum cable and cutting its spline. He then guides the viewer through the process of untwisting conductors color-by-color, using the T568B termination method.

His next step is to cut the untwisted, lined-up conductors so that approximately a half-inch remains of each. He follows that by sliding the RJ45 modular plug—tab down—over the conductors. “Make sure the jacket goes beyond the spot for strain relief,” he advises as he nears the end of the tutorial video, explaining that doing so will ensure that the crimp will secure the plug to the jacket.

Crimping completes the process.

You can watch the video immediately below.

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