UniPath eliminates need for multiple cable supports

June 23, 2016
Unipath reduces labor and materials between 22 and 80 percent, and reduces the risk of installer injury.

UniPath is a cable-support assembly designed to eliminate the need for numerous individual installations of cable supports for open-air cabling. The master pathway device organizes cables in the ceiling at even elevations, avoiding crisscross, varying supports, span-hanger differences, and non-perpendicular installations, according to Douglas Colvin who developed UniPath. “This cost-effective method delivers a return on investment by reducing the number of subcontractors using individual cable support systems.”

Cables within buildings are typically installed by various trade-specific contractors without the benefit of any type of a functional or financial bundling strategy,” the company adds. “UniPath is a single assembly designed to eliminate the need for numerous installations of cable supports. This is an extremely cost-effective method with many future benefits.”

Colvin, an experienced designer and estimator, says that using UniPath reduces labor and materials costs associated with cable-support systems by 22 to 80 percent. It provides a single, color-coded assembly as opposed to the multiple generic hangers typically hung in open air. Additionally, the system reduces the risk of installer injury by 80 percent, based on the fact that one rather than as many as five installers climb a ladder to install the cable-support system. “UniPath’s patented and UL-certified single assembly eliminates others from performing the exact redundant tasks of laying out pathways, installing concrete anchors and attaching individual support wires and hangers every four linear feet,” the company further explains.

UniPath’s flagship product, the 42R-CAT6-TR12C, houses 4 -2” support rings with a 12”wide U-bracket; the rings can be special ordered to numerous variations and colors as needed. Colvin recommends a 4- to 5-foot span between devices.

The system benefits general contractors in several ways, the company explains. Using UniPath reduces: initial cost, ceiling-access coordination, jobsite labor, and ladder work. It also provides increased capacity for open-air cabling and facilitates organized—rather than chaotic—cable runs. It also benefits end-user organizations by reducing: initial cost, risk of contractor injury, risk of accidentally cut cables, moves/adds/changes costs thanks to permanently identified pathways, as well as tenant move/add/change impact.

You can find more information on UniPath here.

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