FTTH Council approves certification for Light Brigade's FTTx OSP design course

June 6, 2016
Light Brigade announced that its FTTx OSP Design course has been approved by the FTTH Council for a new certification program.

Light Brigade announced that its FTTx OSP Design course has been approved by the FTTH Council for a new certification program.
The new FTTx Outside Plant Design certification program will be launched at the FTTH Council’s FTTH Connect conference in Nashville, Tennessee (June 13-15). This certification program is the only curriculum and examination program specifically designed to certify professional competence in FTTx OSP design, contends Light Brigade.

According to a press releas, "The FTTH Council will serve as the sponsor and operator of the certification and testing platforms, while Light Brigade will provide relevant instructional materials to support the program. Using Light Brigade’s 30 years of fiber-optic training expertise, the course content will be structured to allow easy absorption and application of the FTTH technology options available to today’s system designers."

“The need for qualified FTTx OSP professionals is significantly increasing due to the expansion and growth of new FTTH networks and last mile broadband deployments worldwide,” said Lee Kellett, general manager of Light Brigade. “Our mission is to do everything we can to boost fiber in the Americas, and that includes preparing and training people to be part of the all-fiber revolution,” added Heather Burnett Gold, president and CEO of the FTTH Council Americas.

According to Light Brigade, "the three-day FTTx OSP Design course is intended to provide outside plant and network engineers with in-depth knowledge and skills to design effective fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the building (FTTB) networks for urban and rural applications. The course covers everything from network design to field planning to active technologies and covers all types of urban and rural applications. On the final day of class, attendees participate in hands-on network design practice sessions to learn how critical issues such as customer take rate and density apply to outside plant design for distributed split, centralized split, home run and point-to-point systems."

“The FTTx OSP Design course and program is designed to support the development of outside plant designers and planners with a high level of proficiency,” concludes Larry Johnson, director and founder of Light Brigade. For more information, visit www.lightbrigade.com and www.ftthcouncil.org.

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